SHORTEE Antennas Can Am Spyder RT


Front Turn Signals

Double Play Unit

Foot Peg Adapters

Front Led Mud Flaps


Triple Play

Fender Tips

Rear Turn Signals

Handlebar Risers

Billet Axle Covers

Filler Inserts & Emblems

LED Accent Lighting

Exhaust Systems

Foot Rest Brackets

Juice Box Fuel Controller

Air Filter Kit

Dress Up Kit

Taillight Up-Grade
& All In One

Cruise Assist

GIVI Saddle Bag Lights

Spyder Billet Foot Pegs

Up & Out Mirror Extension

Billet Pedal Covers

2010 Green Filter

RT Fender TIPS Kit

Spyder Day Runners

Billet Shifter Peg Cover

Shortee Antenna 2010 RT/RTS

Hyper Bright 194 Bulb

Master Control Cover

Spyder Scuff Guards

HMT Brake Light

SPX Muffler

Juice Box Pro

Sun Spots

Easy Riser

Day Runner Pucks



Rips™ Kit

Front Runners

Radiator Inlet Covers

Reda Gas Can

RT Vent Covers

TruFlex LEDs

RS Red Rear BrightSides

Flex ChannelS

Double Feature Tail Lens

Magic Brake Light Flasher
Installation Instructions

Testimonial Page

shortee antenna

SHORTEE Antennas are the perfect replacement for those t o o--l o n g, bothersome stock antennas.

This antenna work exceptionally well for AM, FM and CB reception.

Measuring just 15 inches long their built in POWER COIL™ helps provide increased overall length and power, while allowing a sleek low profile, really cleaning up the rear end of your bike.

SHORTEE will not get caught on your overhead door, bike cover or on low branches while you ride, and won't whip back to hit you or your passenger, adding a real safety factor as well.

Choice of Black or Chrome

Fits: 2010-2013 Spyder RT/RTS

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